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Cuentos Fair Trade Shop

The Cuentos Fair Trade initiative is a grassroots social enterprise of the Cuentos Foundation in cooperation with family studio collectives in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, Mexico and other traditional craft communities worldwide. Your purchase of these unique art objects directly support these communities and our global collective initiatives. In addition to these objects the Cuentos Fair Trade Shop offers documentary videos, publications, and on special occasions the opportunity to buy art from artists associated with the foundation.

Since its founding in 1998, Cuentos has produced numerous community-based interdisciplinary projects, including its founding global village project, Ritmo del Fuego / Rhythm of Fire - devoted to the art and artisans of Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, Mexico. Cuentos maintains a collection of exquisite museum quality copper art from Santa Clara available as a resource base for study and for traveling exhibition. Also available in our shop is the Cuentos’ book and video documentary on Santa Clara del Cobre.

art building bridges / arte que construye puentes

ART is memory . ART builds bridges . ART is meaning . ART makes sense

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Miriam Mehadipur

Miriam Mehadipur's painting entitled Ruth is for sale directly from Cuentos Foundation. Please contact Cuentos for more information. email us

Ruth, Mixed Media    

Miriam was born in Holland in 1960, a country of soft light and little sunshine. At the age of 22, she studied for 4 years at the Royal Academy of Art. None of this prepared her for the magnificent, bright, white light of Israel. Gone were the greys of my homeland. Here she was inspired to open her palette to the symphony of joyous colors you see in her paintings now.

She is home and her paintings reflect this, some with biblical characters like Sarah, Rachel; others independentof biblical referends. But always beautifull, inviting, evolving, serene yet becoming. Often, the main figurein my paintings is gracefully enfolded within a kind of seed pod, we cannot be certainif he or she is aware of this.It does not matter. We know it!.

The world of these paintings is that of birth, rebirth, potentiasl....always potential, like the seed that can always be touched by the wind and burst open for a flower or a tree to emerge miraculously. Welcome to her worlds of beauty. It will surround you with the serenity, simplicity,complexity ,and colors, images and designs dancing around the figure even through to the frame, which leads you into your own world of beauty, peacefulness ,and joy. When you take it home, sit and relax with it.You will see so much more that will touch your heart and that you will enjoy.


These prints are also available directly from her:

Holiday offer of 20 pictures of Miriam's Giclee's Fine Art prints, printed with archival inks on fine art paper. The size of the prints are A3 ( 32cm/ 45 cm).
(there is also a possibility to order the prints on canvas in different sizes. For information about sizes and prices of canvas prints, please email Miriam) You can order by emailing: art@mehadipur.com



Cuentos at the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival promoting our new fair trade initiative, and especially the copper maestros of Santa Clara del Cobre. (July 2009)



ART is memory ART builds bridges ART is meaning ART makes sense
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